Tuesday, January 1, 2013

TSA and No Resolution

First post on my new MacBook
In mid December I drove one of my friends and her baby from Maryland to Florida and then flew home.  It was one of those situations that just worked out, she needed to get her parents house and I wanted to visit my sister who lives 20 minutes from her parents house.  

It was a long drive down with a 7 week old baby and we arrived exhausted but happy.  Hanging out with my sister (who also loves to run) and her family was so much fun.  I got to see my nephew play ice hockey, go to a show performed by the AMAZING West Coast Black Theatre Troupe, and run a new and stunning route everyday in perfect weather.  

When I tried to get on the plane to get home my perfect trip took a drastic turn...TSA did not want to let me on the plane.  Apparently I used to be a pretty hot and tempting little dish (NOT) and my new physique does not match my picture.  After showing the man about ten different forms of ID I was finally very carefully molested by the female TSA security "professional".  ARGH.  Needless to say I was not seeing losing weight and getting in shape as a huge positive.  In fact I was wishing I still smoked and weighed 250 pounds, except I would have had to walk back outside and go through security again given the new tobacco policies.  NOT HAPPENING.

Very pretty license picture
from about seven years ago.
Apparently I don't look as hot and sexy anymore.
 On my flight home I began thinking about the holidays and how 2013 might unfold.  Years ago I gave up on the resolution idea realizing that I do not subscribe to the idea of someone telling me when to stop or change a behavior based on a calendar or their idea of tradition.  Add the statistics of how many people actually keep their resolutions and the entire idea seems archaic.  

Certainly I have areas in my life that need to be worked through and improved upon (although I honestly may have accept that certain things are part of my genetic make-up and are not going to change no matter how hard I try) after 41 years it's inevitable.   For example; I will only put my shoes away twice a week and this is a HUGE improvement to the thirty pairs that used to scatter the house at all times.

As for losing weight...I've done that:

Rounding out.
Living large...

Additionally I have quit smoking so I cannot do that again.  At the end of the day I am simply going to focus my energy on things I am doing well and try to do them better.  As a mother and wife I can be more patient and spend more time doing simple, fun things with my beautiful family.  As a daughter and sister I would like to spend more time with my family which is difficult since they all live so far away.

For my friends...God bless you all.  You have seen me at my best and worst and with no obligation you continue to be beacons of love and support...I am not the easiest person but I make up for it with a lot of loyalty, love you!

This year I hope to post a lot of pictures of me with my girls, my husband, my family and friends.  Screw changing me, I am forever flawed and am very comfortable apologizing and changing poor behaviors as they arise.  Increasing the amount of time I spend with the people I love is not a resolution, just a good idea.

My perfect angel.
National Christmas Tree...
The girls are so much prettier.

Did you make any New Years resolutions?
How bad is your worst Driver's License picture?
Can it rival mine for worst photo ever (before you say yes notice the chunk of hair missing from my eyebrow)?


  1. No resolutions. I think I'm perfect. :) Not really, but I don't think I have too many bad habits. Everything in moderation, right?

    My worst driver's license picture is probably better than 80% of other people's best driver's license photos. My last 3 driver's licenses have had REALLY awesome photos.

  2. You are perfect Lindsay...I have to say it's a little hard for me since the picture prior to this one was pretty damn awesome. When it came time to renew I just did it online so I got the same crappy picture again. The TSA guy said I had to go to the DMV to get a new license...he said mine was completely unacceptable.