Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I think I just landed a snot rocket on your car...HA!

Running in a small town…

Following are a list of my rants, compliments and experiences of running in a small town.

Most of the roads in my area to run on do not have sidewalks or shoulders, it is one lane each way and usually edged by fairly tall grass (littered with empty liquor bottles) on the side of the road. 

Typically I run with headphones but they are on so low that I can hear everything going on around me including snide comments from pedestrians on the road.  I always run facing traffic and get as far to the edge of the road as humanly possible, I have even had to jump into the woods on several occasions when the idiots are out…which is essentially everyday.

My observations in no particular order:

1.       Older women drivers WILL NOT veer out of their lane to give me an extra inch of running space for any reason.  Apparently their driving instructors told them to stay in their lane no matter what, even if it means killing the mother of small children. 

Guess what lady????  I probably just spit or landed a massive snot rocket on your car. If your car is within spit range…I land it EVERYTIME!  Classy =)
That's right old lady...come a little closer!

2.      My friends like to honk at me…STOP!  I am in my quiet happy place.  When you honk I practically jump into oncoming traffic, I do not like it.  Wave or text me later.  I LOVE YOU ALL!

Me leaping when you beep your horn....
but with cars to run me over.
3.       Apparently I run with my fingers in the “I love you” sign for sign language.  This has been pointed out to me several times, I kind of like it.  Take is as a compliment my love.  I ran near a woman for about 8 miles of a race who I will swear was extending her middle finger the entire time, be happy I love you!

4.      People tend to notice you out running.  I often get called out on sightings….heard were you running at ________.  Word has it that you were cranking out miles yesterday with _____.  Keep the sightings up, it makes me feel like I am the mysterious running chick,sort of the female version of Caballo Blanco or Micah True for those of you familiar.
A rare sighting of the Mysterious Trail Runner

5.      Old men in pick-up trucks like to talk to the funny running lady.  Most of them are lacking teeth but are super nice and always tell me how pretty I am…it's one of my favorite parts of living in a small town.

6.      Texting and talking on the phone while driving are NOT dead regardless of the law and are NOT safe.  Eyes on the road people…I think I am about out of extra lives.

Keep texting and driving; go ahead, run me down I will keep trying
to catch up and land my snot rocket.
7.       I live in a nice quiet neighborhood with homes on 3 acre lots, we have a nice and easy 10 mile run built right in along with the pool and tot lot.  The problem is, everyone is finishing up their breakfast, checking their purse, and sending out last minute texts as they drive WAY TOO FAST through our quiet little streets.  Your drive begins when you pull out of the driveway my friends.

I am sure I will come up with some more of my love/hate relationship with running in a small town and will be sure to keep you posted.  So keep your eyes on the road and your hands off your phone and your horn.

Always finish happy =)


What have you noticed while running?
Are you a honker?
Is spitting on someone's car rude when they are about to rudely mow you down?


  1. I noticed that old people don't move over too! I get super dramatic and stare at them as I leap onto the grass. Even with sidewalks, I very rarely run on them. I also notice a lot of people getting lost in my super huge neighborhood, as I see them many times on my short runs.

    1. I am going to have to say that I think a good stink eye is probably more polite than spewing mucous on their vehicle!

  2. You forgot to mention of joy of running in hunting season, especially when some hick is using the target in his front yard and you think he's aiming at you. :)

    1. Right???? One Sunday I had a tree explode about 25 feet in front of me on the river trail. I know that's a far miss in terms of my longevity, but it still made me pee my running pants a little bit.

  3. I run on a country road as well and I get the weird stares as to why someone would want to run! However since we just move here I will let them get use to me. AS for things I notice is that we have a lot of dogs however these "farm" dogs tend to be behind fences not like the dogs in my old development!

    1. I especially get those stares when I am running through the pouring down and snow which I kind of understand. When I get them on a gorgeous sunny day with a breeze I just shake my head and think if they only knew how amazing this feels.
      The dogs do seem to be well contained in this area...this is not so where my parents live. I carry mace there!